Photo a Day – ein neuer Versuch im Mai

Dieses Monat versuche ich wieder mein Glück.

Vielleicht schaffe ich es diesmal, dass ich es durch ziehe. Hier sind die Vorgaben für Mai. 

1. I bought this!: Share a photo of something you purchased, whether it be today, recent or something long ago.
2. Morning ritual: What’s something you do most morning. Shoot and share it.
3. This is really good!: Find something good in your life and take a photo.
4. In my cup: What are you drinking today?
5. Paper: Is it a bill? Newspaper? A letter or a heartfelt card you received? Find paper around you.
6. Broken: Is there something broken around you? Shoot and share it.
7. Something beginning with F: Find something beginning with the letter F and take a photo.
8. Shape: Shapes are all around us. Which will you choose for today’s prompt?
9. A snack: Healthy, or not-so-healthy, share a snack with us.
10. Stars: Whether in the sky or elsewhere, find some stars and take a photo.
11. A smile: A smile can change the world. I hope you find many to choose from today.
12. Mother: It’s Mother’s Day. Take a photo of a mother figure, or if you’re a mum – perhaps yourself. Or what the word mother means to you.
13. Sunrise/Sunset: Choose one or both, and take some time to see the sun wake or go to sleep.
14. Need: What’s a need in your life?
15. 7 o’clock: Whatever you’re doing at 7am or 7pm – share it!
16. Mailbox: Take a photo of yours, or someone elses.
17. Season: What season is it where you are? How can you share it in a photo?
18. Want: What do you want in your life?
19. My favourite view: What’s your favourite view? Your kids sleeping? Your loved one? Do share.
20. Light: Light makes a photo beautiful, so how can you play with it in your photo. Could you find a little sunflare, play with light inside or something else. Lets make magic!
21. I care about this…: What do you truly care about?
22. Change: This can be a hard one, so put your thinking cap on. How can you show change in a photo?
23. PJs: Pyjamas, we all wear them? {Except you nudists!} so share them. Please.
24. Go: A green light means go, but what else symbolises this energetic word?
25. Us: Us could mean your workmates, family, friends or otherwise. How will you show everyone your ‘us’?
26. Fave thing to do on Sunday: What’s your favourite thing to do on Sundays? Sleep-in? Eat out? Party? Share.
27. Can’t live without: What would you rather not live without?
28. What you’re doing now: Choose a moment in your day and take a photo of it.
29. Kiss: This is our charity prompt. We’re going to kiss MS goodbye. So wear red, or pop on some red lipstick and show us a ‘kiss’!
30. Tool: A tool in the garage or something useful that helps you get through life. Perhaps in a cooking tool. Find one and share it.
31. Four things: Choose four things and take a photo. They can be anything.


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